Vector Magnets

Hangzhou Vector Magnets Co., Ltd
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Manufacturer & Trading Company & Business Service
Primary services
Magnetic materials, magnetic equipment and devices
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Auto Parts, telecom devices, Electronics, electricals, metals
Vector Magnets

Company Profile

Integrated Magnetic Application Service Provider Hangzhou Vector Magnets Co., Ltd, as a custom fabricator and manufacturer of assorted magnets and magnetic assemblies, devices and equipment, is expert in magnets and magnetic solutions here to support those in need of magnets or magnetic application designs. With global vision,Vector Magnets' professional team collaboration and outstanding individual ability allows any member to directly and efficiently communicate with English-speaking customers based on each's functions: commercial negotiation,technical support, material supply, logistics, etc. Vector Magnets' salesmen and engineers are well versed in analyzing detailed information and experienced in understanding customer requirement in multiple applications. Authentic data of manufacturing, processes, applications could be shared to customer as essentials to create value-added service as the design-phase starts. In vendor evaluation, quality control, technical support, warehouse and logistic services, Vector Magnets would help to avoid unnecessary consumption of cost,time and energy. The fine traceability enables Vector Magnets' integrated project data service to run through the entire process of manufacturing, sales, technical support and logistics. Vector Magnets allow customers' all-process audit with continuously improving quality certification and unique dual quality inspection system( on-spot inspection and laboratory verification) Manufacturing facility is mainly engaged in research and development and the whole production lines of NdFeB magnets, bonded NdFeB magnets(injection molding and compression molding), bonded ferrite magnets, cast and sintered AlNiCo magnets, SmCo magnets, soft magnets, permanent magnet micro motors, motor parts (mainly rotors and stators) other magnet-related products, permalloy, and metal injection molding parts. Thanks to high precision CNC machining equipment and advanced test instruments, products can be well controlled and t...