Magnetic Assembly
Magnetic Assembly



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         Magnets has become an integral material widely used in a variety of aspects we can think and those we can't. For example, in power generation, they are found in motors, generators, transformers, etc.; in electricals, we see them in magnetic components, microwave valves; in electronics, filters, sensitizers in telecommunications are using loads of magnets; in military defense, magnets help to build magnetic torpedo, electromagnetic gun, Besides, magnets are made into components or assemblies for storing, transmitting and converting electromagnetic energy or signal in miscellaneous industries like mine detections, ocean exploration, new technologies in IT, energy, biotechnology, space technologies, etc. Sometimes the natural form of the material can be directly used (such as magnetic liquid).

         Vector magnets, in research and development of magnetic device manufacturers, has set up its own advantages, particularly in terms of magnetic micro-motor and motor stator and rotor, injection molding, welding and other technology, has accumulated rich experience in quality control, production process improvement, cost control formed a perfect system.

    Main magnetic assemblies at Vector Magnets are:
         Motor rotor
         Motor stator
         Linear motor parts
         Sensor components
         Magnetic coupling parts
         Vacuum coating machine
         Flow control system parts
         Fuel tank system parts
         Speaker parts
         Magnetic switch parts
         Meter parts
         Magnetic shelf/Magnetic rod
         Pot magnets
         Magnetic separation