SmFeN Magnets
SmFeN Magnets
SmFeN Magnets



SmFeN Magnets

RE-Fe-N interstitial Compounds

The research and manufacturing of RE-Fe-N interstitial compounds, which includes SmFeN, NdFeN and other kinds of interstitial compounds based on rare earth materials, are world-leading technologies in the RE functional material field. As one kind of RE functional material, RE-Fe-N interstitial compounds, depending on the particular category, have the following outstanding advantages.
* High magnetic properties. Vector Magnets can now manufacture magnet powders with the maximum energy product in the range of 33-40 MGOe, as well as with high coercivity in mass production. The powders can be customized as per particular requirements of magnetic properties.

* Submicron particle size. X50 of the powders is 1-3 pm in average, which is in the submicron range. Therefore, such magnet powders can be easily processed into various shaped bonded magnets using a variety of adhesive and molding techniques such as injection molding, calendaring, extrusion and compression, etc. Also, the density and therefore magnetic properties of such bonded magnets can be improved by mixing the SmFeN magnet powders with other kinds of magnet powders.

* Better heat resistance ability. Curie temperature of SmFeN magnet powders is 472 ° C. The irreversible flux loss of the smFeN bonded magnets is less than 3% after 3oo hours under the temperature of 120 ° C.

* More flexible magnetic circuit design. Based on the submicron particle size, high maximum energy product and easy molding features of SmFeN magnet powders, there are more flexibility and choices during the magnetic circuit design process when designing motors.

· Smaller size and less weight of magnets. Replacing isotropic magnets in the motors with anisotropic magnets can reduce 3/4 of the original size and thus be weightless, which conforms to the continuing trend of miniaturization of a wide range of motors.

* Independent intellectual properties and scientific research resources. High-performance RE-Fe-N interstitial compounds and its technologies are world-recognized original intellectual properties and world-leading novel technologies of China, which have been granted patents in the territories of
China, the United States, Japan and the European Union.



SmFeN Magnetic Powder







Temperature Coefficient of Br, to 100 Celsius


Temperature Coefficient of Bcj, to 100 Celsius


Curie Temperature, Tc


Operating Temperature

-40C – 160C

Irreversible loss of flux


Particle size (x50)

1-3 um

SmFeN power is available for the assorted states of bonded magnets through injection, extrusion and calendaring. The major feature is high, evenness, physical properties and manufacturing simplicity. The powder’s average granularity is low and the surface finish is always there to ensure high resistance to corrosion and oxidation. 

SmFeN Alloy
SmFeN Alloy is made thru intruding SmFe alloy. It stands out for its excellent intrinsic coercivity which means it has a high curie temperature, saturated field strength