Overview of BLDCM

Time: 2020-04-24
Summary: BLDCM originated from the permanent magnet DC motor, which "turns in and out" the structure of the permanent magnet DC motor, eliminates the commutator and brush, and relies on the electronic commutation circuit for commutation. Permanent magnets on the rotor and three-phase windings on the stator

The brushless DC motor (BLDCM) is composed of Controller, Motor body and Hall position sensor. It is a typical mechatronics product. 

The application of brushless DC motors is very wide, such as automobiles, tools, industrial industrial control, automation and aerospace. 

The composition of the controller

    █ Switch main circuit

    █ Drive circuit

    █ Control circuit

Motor Body

Motor body structure

   █ Permanent magnet rotor


   █ Stator winding

Hall position sensor (Installation)

1.  The three Hall components are installed on the stator side of the brushless motor, and the electrical angles are different from each other by 120º in space with the center line of the slot where the three-phase winding head of the brushless motor stator is located.

2.  Installed coaxially with the rotor of the brushless motor, the air gap between the thin magnetic sheet and the Hall component is about 1mm, and the axis of the permanent magnet is perpendicular to the axis of the main pole of the rotor of the brushless motor.

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