Wang Jiangping went to Sichuan to investigate the development of rare earth, vaccine and other industries and SMEs

From: MIIT
Time: 2019-03-01
Summary: Wang Jiangping went to Sichuan to investigate the development of rare earth, vaccine and other industries and SMEs
From February 25th to 27th, 2019, Wang Jiangping, member of the Party Committee and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, led a team to Sichuan Province to investigate the development of rare earth, new materials, vaccines and other industries and small and medium-sized enterprises. He visited the Lu Niuping rare earth mine in Liangshan Prefecture. Sichuan Wankaifeng Rare Earth New Energy Company, Chengdu Biological Products Research Institute Company, Sichuan Riji Sealing Parts Company, Chengdu Jiaozi Financial Technology Center, State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering of Sichuan University, etc. The responsible person of the municipal government and some responsible persons of the company held a discussion.

Wang Jiangping pointed out that the construction of the green rare earth mine in Maoniuping of Liangshan Prefecture is high, the integration of resources is great, and the construction of green mines has achieved initial results. The level of intelligence in smelting and separating enterprises reflects the leading role of technological innovation, and the deep processing industry has a certain foundation. It is recommended that the next step be to focus on three aspects and transform the resource advantages into economic advantages: First, strictly implement the national rare earth industry management policies, adjust development ideas, and actively promote resource integration and industrial optimization with an open mind; second, consciously maintain good The order of mining is to strengthen the implementation of the plan, and the green indicators and efficiency indicators are the main basis for the plan allocation, supporting the development of green mines and excellent enterprises; the third is to vigorously develop downstream deep processing, strengthen the introduction of scientific and technological resources and the transformation of scientific research results, and improve the quality of industry development. .

Wang Jiangping pointed out that China's vaccine industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and there are also problems such as a large number of enterprises and low industrial concentration. We must strictly control the number of newly opened enterprises, guide backward enterprises and products to withdraw, and promote the development of large-scale advantageous enterprises. Multi-pronged measures, comprehensive measures, encourage enterprises to reorganize, and increase the scale of production capacity and high-quality development.

Wang Jiangping put forward three requirements for the next step to do a good job in SMEs. First, it is necessary to further implement the SME Promotion Law and promote the work with the NPC's forthcoming SME promotion law enforcement inspection. The second is to focus on the main problems facing the development of SMEs and promote the implementation of relevant policies. The third is to improve the ability and level of the government to serve small and medium-sized enterprises, establish a database of specialized "new giants", and do a good job of cultivating special "new giants".

Sichuan Province and relevant local government leaders, relevant department heads and raw materials industry division, consumer goods industry division and relevant small and medium enterprises bureau comrades accompany the investigation.

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