What is high temperature SmCo magnet ?
High temperature SmCo magnets that can withstand temperatures of 500°C and 550 °C
         Many key devices in the aerospace and other fields, such as aircraft motors and generators, microwave function tubes, magnetic bearings and inertial navigation devices, require high-performance high-temperature permanent magnet materials.
        Among the existing permanent magnet materials, the strongest NdFeB magnet has the highest room temperature performance, but its Curie temperature is 312 °C, and the maximum working temperature is usually not more than 250 °C; the Curie temperature of AlNiCo magnet is 850 °C , The maximum operating temperature can reach 520 °C, but the coercive force of the magnet is very low (<  145 kA / m), so it can not manufacture small and light components; SmCo magnet has a high Curie temperature (750 ~ 920 °C), Moreover, it has strong magnetocrystalline anisotropy and high coercivity at room temperature (> 1990 kA / m), which is the first choice for high temperature permanent magnet material.
        The main reason why the traditional 2:17 SmCo magnet is not suitable for high temperature applications is that its coercive force decays rapidly with increasing temperature (coercive force temperature coefficient β ≈-0.30% / °C). By adjusting the alloy composition and heat treatment process of the traditional 2:17 type SmCo magnet , the microstructure and microcomposition inside the material are controlled to reduce the temperature coefficient of the coercive force of the material and increase the use temperature. In the end, we successfully made a 2:17 type SmCo high temperature magnet that can be applied at 500 ° C and 550 ° C.

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